BOSCH MTSW - Multi Tenant Software for 200 | 500 | 1000 | 3000 | 10.000 clients

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BOSCH MTSW - Multi Tenant Software for 200 | 500 | 1000 | 3000 | 10.000 clients

BOSCH MTSW - Multi Tenant Software for 200 | 500 | 1000 | 3000 | 10.000 clients



MTSW is Bosch specifically developed multimedia central management software.
It’s high reliability, flexible expansion and easy to use makes MTSW to be a friendly man-machine interface with alarm function. Serial port or IP network connection with security system equipments, centralized management in the same multimedia PC platform, configuring following actions with CCTV via relay expanders or software communication port output improves the entire system automation and security center efficiency.

MTSW connects with Multi-Tenant System (MTS), D6600/D6100 receivers, DS7400 series control panels and Video Door Phone (VDP) system.
MTSW provides powerful functionality, including the configuration of clients and devices, dispatching alarms, sending control commands to connected devices, multi-level navigation map, SMS message forwarding, and configuring following actions for the system.


Independent virtual arm and disarm

MTSW enables the user to configure the actual control panels, zones, contacts, arm/disarm schedule, and held event comments to maximize the zone management. MTSW enables to configure different

u Provides supervision to MT,DS7400/IP7400 via serial and IP communication

u Provides viewing and updating client and device information in real time

u Multimedia operation, with audible alarm and navigation map

u Flexible and powerful automation management features

u MTSW V1.30 supports IP7400XI-CHI network alarm

settings for a client. Each client configures its own zones numbers and locations based on the actual application. MTSW supports to set up client group to dispatch clients, perimeters, and control points to a group.

Alarm supervision

Use the client tree and navigation map to supervise all clients and zones. Different color icons are available to mark the status of zones. In the navigation map, zone icon dynamically changes for alarm. View specific zone information by one mouse click. Notify the alarms to the user and security center via voice, e-mail, SMS, icons and following action devices.

Arming/disarming and bypass management

MTSW supports arming/disarming and bypass to different site devices, including directly remote arming/disarming to IP7400/DS6R/DS12R, and three- level (group, client, zone) virtual arming/disarming and bypass to zones of DS7400 series control panels, MT system and Bosch VDP system.

Patrol settings

MTSW supports to configure the patrol member, patrol point, patrol route and patrol schedule. The user configures any zone as the patrol point. The number of patrol points is not limited. The patrol route contains several patrol points arranged in order. The

2 | MTSW Automation Software

patrol route setting includes the patrol point and the bypass zone. The system does not produce an alarm as the patrol member patrols the bypassed zones. The patrol schedule is assigned temporarily or as auto routine schedule. Patrol reports are fully recorded and the events in patrol are dispatched as system alarms.

Comprehensive system management

MTSW provides comprehensive system event management, not only recording alarms, but also recording administrator access, patrol history...etc. The user defines flexibly how to dispatch pending events.

Strict security management

Each operator has his own access levels and password. Entering password for every important operation is required and recorded as the system event.

Alarm forwarding

Powerful forward data function enables to forward alarms to upper management through MODEM, network and so on.

Information broadcast

MTSW forwards alarms or broadcast community news to user’s mobile phones through SMS text messages. MTSW also works along with the indoor broadcast device of Bosch VDP.


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