BOSCH UFLED95-8BD AEGIS UFLED Intelligent-IR Illuminator

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BOSCH UFLED95-8BD AEGIS UFLED Intelligent-IR Illuminator

BOSCH UFLED95-8BD AEGIS UFLED Intelligent-IR Illuminator

 Patent-pending Constant Light technology ensures consistent illumination

3D Diffuser technology (Black Diamond) delivers even illumination designed specifically for CCTV

Enables the optimum nighttime performance of analog and megapixel cameras, IP platforms, and video analytics

Reduced power consumption for a greener, more environmentally friendly solution with lower operating costs 

AEGIS UFLED, the world’s first Intelligent-IR illuminator combines innovations in infrared technology and design to deliver absolute performance in night vision surveillance.

Aegis illuminators feature Constant Light technology, which automatically controls and adjusts light output to compensate for LED degradation and temperature changes. LED degradation results in poor light output, reduced image quality, and reduced illumination range. The Constant Light (patent-pending) technology maintains a constant level of light throughout the life of the illuminator, thus overcoming this performance- related issue identified by security consultants, installers, and end users alike.

3D Diffuser technology (Black Diamond) enables increased surveillance range, wider beam patterns, and evenly illuminated nighttime surveillance images. Specifically designed for energy efficient operation, Aegis powers directly from any 12 to 24 VDC or
24 VAC supply for faster, flexible, cost effective installations.
Aegis UFLED has a robust, aluminum construction with acrylic front fascia and works even in harsh environments — guaranteed. It is IP67 rated and has an impressive temperature rating of -50 °C to +50 °C
(-58 °F to +122 °F).


Even illumination

  • 3D diffuser technology eliminates hotspots in the foreground and underexposed backgrounds

  • Delivers even illumination designed specifically for CCTV

  • Dramatically improves nighttime imaging, reducing noise and increasing video signal

  • Even illumination reduces bit rate when used with encoding and digital recording systems, thus lowering storage requirements

    Controlled by Constant Light technology

  • Maintains a constant level of lighting performance for the life of the illuminator

  • Maintains a constant level of lighting performance when operated at varying ambient temperatures

  • Extended lifetime (typical lifetime 10 years)

    Installer friendly installation features

    • Low voltage input to the illuminator for safe installation

    • Illuminator link port allows one illuminator to switch all others in a master/slave configuration

    • Dual-mode camera port allows color/mono control from or to the camera

    • Easy connection using dedicated cables

| AEGIS UFLED Intelligent-IR Illuminator High Efficiency Surface Mount LEDs

• Industry-leading thermal management and super high- efficient LED's deliver maximum illumination 


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