BOSCH VIPX1 Single Channel Video Encoder

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BOSCH VIPX1 Single Channel Video Encoder

BOSCH VIPX1 Single Channel Video Encoder

Single-channel encoder with Dual Streaming

u High-quality MPEG‐4 from QCIF to 4CIF
u USB and iSCSI recording
u Ultra-compact size

u Multicast and Internet streamingThe VIP X1 features DVD-like quality MPEG‐4 video, at up to 25/30 images per second, over IP networks. This unit supports PAL and NTSC sources.

The audio models of the VIP X1 provide bidirectional audio communication in parallel to video. Besides the standard line level interface, built in amplifiers allow direct connection to microphone and speaker.

The VIP X1 Power-over-Ethernet models can be power- fed via the network cable.
The VIP X1 provides Dual Streaming. It is able to generate two independently configurable MPEG‐4 video streams. The VIP X1 is ultra-compact, so it is perfect for any application that depends on space- saving solutions.



The VIP X1’s video can be viewed on a PC using a simple Web browser such as Internet Explorer or the Bosch Video Management System. It can also be integrated into other video management systems using the Bosch VideoSDK.

By routing the IP video to a high-performance VIP XD video decoder or a VIDOS Monitor Wall you can present the video with ultimate clarity on an analog CCTV or large, flat-screen VGA monitor or TV.

u Single-channel encoder with Dual Streaming u High-quality MPEG‐4 from QCIF to 4CIF
u USB and iSCSI recording
u Ultra-compact size

u Multicast and Internet streaming


The VIP X1 offers unparalleled recording options— locally on a USB hard disk, network-attached utilizing iSCSI devices, and of course centrally using Network Video Recorders. The iSCSI RAID storage enables the VIP X1 to act as a conventional DVR as well as to stream high-performance live video across the network.

Dual Streaming

The VIP X1 uses Dual Streaming to generate two independent IP video streams per channel if sufficient computational power is available. This allows viewing and recording at two different quality levels to save disk space and bandwidth. On alarm, it may send out e‐mail with JPEG images attached.

Access Security

The VIP X1 encoders offer various security levels for accessing the network, the unit, and the data channels. As well as password protection with three levels, they support 802.1x authentication using a RADIUS server for identification. You can secure Web browser access by HTTPS using a SSL certificate that is stored in the unit. For total data protection, each communication channel—video, audio, or serial I/O— can be independently AES encrypted with 128‐bit keys, once the Encryption Site License has been applied.

2 | VIP X1 Single-channel Video Encoder


With built-in video content analysis, VIP X1 supports increased intelligence at the edge. VIP X1 comes with MOTION+ video motion detection built-in.
MOTION+ is a pixel-change-based motion detection algorithm that includes object size filtering capabilities and sophisticated tamper detection capabilities including:

  • video loss

  • image too bright (detect blinding)

  • image too dark (hooding, spray painting)

  • image too noisy (camera defocused)

  • gross scene change (camera repositioned)

    More advanced video content analysis (VCA) applications are offered with Bosch’s Intelligent Video Motion Detection (IVMD). A licensable option, the IVMD algorithm is based on digital imaging technology and uses multi-level image analysis of pixel, texture, and motion changes.
    IVMD dynamically adapts to global lighting changes and weather conditions (e.g. rain, snow, blowing leaves, etc.). IVMD detects objects entering or leaving an area (detector field) and includes user definable filters for object size, direction of travel (single and dual), and speed. IVMD includes the same tamper detection filters as MOTION+.
    These powerful devices represent the cutting edge of high-performance Video-over-IP for CCTV today.

    Easy Upgrade

    Remotely upgrade the VIP X1 encoders whenever new firmware becomes available. This ensures up-to-date products, thus protecting investment with little effort. 

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