BOSCH VJT-X10S Rugged Video Encoder

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BOSCH VJT-X10S Rugged Video Encoder

BOSCH VJT-X10S Rugged Video Encoder

Ruggedized for extended environmental conditions u High-quality MPEG‐4 video over IP
u H.264 Baseline Profile encoding
u Units with one, two, or four video inputs

u Built-in Intelligence-at-the-Edge 

Rugged Environments

VideoJet X encoders are ideal for outdoor applications such as perimeter, border, and fence control, as well as for industrial applications where they are tolerant of harsh environments.

When used at remote locations you benefit from their wide 10 to 30 VDC power input range, so that they can be battery or solar powered. You also benefit from their SFP (small form-factor pluggable) slot that allows a direct connection to a fiber interface module without the need for external fiber hardware.

Their industrial-grade vibration resistance makes these encoders extremely suitable for use in mobile applications such as trains, busses, or other vehicles.

u Ruggedized for extended environmental conditions u High-quality MPEG‐4 video over IP
u H.264 Baseline Profile encoding
u Units with one, two, or four video inputs

u Built-in Intelligence-at-the-Edge


VideoJet X encoders offer unparalleled recording flexibility. Stream video across the network and store it using Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Record locally on CompactFlash, an external USB hard drive, or use an optional automotive-grade internal hard drive. Network-attached RAID iSCSI storage devices can also be used. The built-in iSCSI support enables the VideoJet X encoders to act as conventional DVRs while streaming high-performance live video across the network.

Dual Streaming

The VideoJet X encoders use Dual Streaming to generate two independent IP video streams per channel if sufficient computational power is available. This allows viewing and recording at two different quality levels to save disk space and bandwidth. On alarm, they can send an e‐mail with JPEG images attached.

Dual Recording

You can record the streams independently on different media. Thus video can be recorded centrally on iSCSI drives managed by VRM Video Recording Manager and redundantly on the local media. If necessary, for

2 | VideoJet X10/X20/X40 Rugged Video Encoder

example in case of a network failure VRM can fill up the gap in the central recording (ANR, Automatic Network Replenishment).

Recording Profiles

The encoders feature a highly flexible recording scheduler, providing up to ten programmable recording profiles and allowing individually assigned camera profiles. With these profiles, you can accelerate the frame rate as well as increase the resolution on alarm, saving recording space during non-alarm periods.

H.264 Baseline Profile Encoding

Firmware 4.0 enables the Bosch VideoJet X encoders to use H.264 Baseline Profile to encode the video signal. This allows reducing the required bit rate for a given quality setting, or increasing the quality when keeping the bit rate setting.

Frame Rates and Resolution

When one or two inputs are used, the encoders deliver MPEG‐4 video over IP at a full frame rate of 25 (PAL) or 30 (NTSC) images per second with up to 4CIF resolution on every channel. If four inputs are used the maximum frame rate is 12.5/15 images per second at 4CIF resolution and no Dual Streaming is possible. Because H.264 Baseline Profile does not support field encoding, interlaced video is not possible, thus resolution is limited to a maximum of 2CIF. H.264 encoding requires the double performance in respect to MPEG‐4. Frame rate values must therefore be divided by two.

The maximum frame rates listed in the tables below depend on the resolution, picture content and movement, and the number of inputs used.



2/3 D1


ips = frame rate in images per second



ips = frame rate in images per second


Designed for reliability, the VideoJet X encoders feature a wide temperature range power supply, dual- redundant Ethernet network ports, a third SFP network slot with switching capability between the network ports, dual USB ports, and fault-tolerant mass storage via iSCSI.

Access Security

The VideoJet X encoders offer various security levels for accessing the network, the unit, and the data channels. As well as password protection with three levels, they support 802.1x authentication using a

RADIUS server for identification. You can secure Web browser access by HTTPS using a SSL certificate that is stored in the unit. For total data protection, each communication channel—video, audio, or serial I/O— can be independently AES encrypted with 128‐bit keys, once the Encryption Site License has been applied.


With built-in video content analysis, VideoJet X encoders reinforce the Intelligence-at-the-Edge concept where edge devices become increasingly intelligent. The VideoJet X comes with built-in MOTION + video motion detection. This motion detection algorithm is based on pixel change and includes object size filtering capabilities and sophisticated tamper detection capabilities.

Bosch offers more advanced video content analysis (VCA) applications with its Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA). A licensable option, it bases the IVA algorithm on digital imaging technology that uses multi-level image analysis of pixel, texture, and motion (trajectory) changes.


View the VideoJet X encoder video on a PC using a Web browser, in the Bosch Video Management System, or integrate it into another video management system. By routing the IP video to a high-performance VIP XD video decoder or a VIDOS Monitor Wall, you can present the video with ultimate clarity.

Camera control

Configure and control your camera or dome using one of the various pre-defined control protocols.
VideoJet X encoders provide a serial interface and alternatively support Bilinx communication over coax cable.

Easy Upgrade

Remotely upgrade the VideoJet X encoders whenever new firmware becomes available. This ensures up-to- date products, thus protecting investment with little effort.

ONVIF conformance

Firmware 4.10 introduces conformance to the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specification guaranteeing interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer. ONVIF conformant devices are able to exchange live video, audio, metadata and control information and ensure that they are automatically discovered and connected to network applications such as video management systems. 


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