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AutoDome Easy II is a rugged, extremely compact, and easy to install PTZ camera system which incorporates many features typically only found in traditional high- speed dome cameras. This discrete, high-speed dome camera has been specifically designed to deliver uncompromised functionality and performance at a very affordable price for indoor and outdoor applications.

AutoDome Easy II highlights

With a dome diameter of only 4 inches (10.2 cm), the AutoDome Easy II is about 70% smaller than traditional PTZ cameras and 20% smaller than other compact domes. These compact dimensions make the AutoDome Easy II ideal for discrete surveillance applications.

Despite its compact design, the AutoDome Easy II delivers state-of-the-art technology and features that are rare to most compact PTZ cameras. Its variable pan and tilt speeds and autopivot ensure optimal camera control and viewing at all zoom levels. The high-performance 120x (10x optical/12x digital) zoom autofocus camera incorporates the latest digital imaging technology with excellent sensitivity and resolution. With 99 user-defined presets as well as multiple tour and autopan modes, the AutoDome Easy II is not small on features.

  • ▶  Ultra compact for discrete surveillance and improved aesthetics in indoor and outdoor applications

  • ▶  High-speed 360-degree continuous pan

  • ▶  High resolution/sensitivity 530 TVL color camera

  • ▶  120x zoom (10x optical, 12x digital)

  • ▶  Multiple tour and auto-pan modes

  • ▶  Multi-protocol capable

  • ▶  Durable vandal-resistant housing and bubble

    A single AutoDome Easy II provides as much coverage as four fixed mini domes and is priced lower than a traditional PTZ dome camera. The AutoDome Easy II maximizes your security investment by integrating with the entire line of Bosch video products including variable speed Allegiant matrix switchers, DiBos and Divar digital recorders, as well as the full range of Bosch video over IP products.

    And, the AutoDome Easy II is simple to install and use; available with surface, wall, recessed, and pipe mount options. These mounting options ensure that the AutoDome Easy II can be mounted nearly anywhere. Intuitive set-up menus make dome configuration quick and easy. Built-in IntuiKey support means that the AutoDome Easy II uses the same familiar keyboard and joystick commands as the rest of the Bosch AutoDome family.


    The following are some of the features that make the AutoDome Easy II Series the perfect fit for a variety of indoor surveillance applications.

2 | AutoDome Easy II

High-performance 120x PTZ color camera

The AutoDome Easy II PTZ cameras have a 1/4-inch color CCD. With 530 TVL (NTSC/PAL) resolution and sensitivity to below 1.0 lux, the AutoDome Easy II Series offers exceptional performance at a very affordable price.

The AutoDome Easy II supports up to 99 user-defined pre- positions, as well as 1 preset tour, 2 recorded tours, and 2 auto-pan modes. The preset tour can be programmed with up to 99 prepositions and a configurable dwell time between positions. The recorded tours playback up to 15 minutes of any manual camera movements made during the recording, including the rate of pan, tilt and zoom speeds and other lens setting changes.

Pan and tilt preset repeatability are accurate to within ±0.1 degrees to ensure that the correct scene is captured every time. AutoDome Easy II delivers variable pan/tilt speeds from a crawl speed of only 0.1 degrees per second up to an ultra-quick 120 degrees per second. The dome is capable of pan speeds of 360 degrees per second and tilt speeds of 100 degrees per second between prepositions. AutoDome Easy II provides a tilt range of 0 to 94 degrees, and a pan range of up to 360 degrees continuous rotation.

The patented AutoScaling (proportional zoom) and AutoPivot (automatically rotates and flips the camera) ensure optimal control.

Cost effective coverage

It typically requires four or more fixed dome cameras to provide a full 360 degrees of surveillance coverage. Traditional PTZ dome cameras provide full coverage, but at a significantly higher cost. A single AutoDome Easy II provides as much coverage as four fixed domes, but is priced lower than a traditional PTZ dome camera. Not only is your initial investment smaller, but installation and maintenance costs are reduced as well.

Superior privacy masking

The AutoDome Easy II allows for a total of 12 individual privacy masks, with up to 12 displayed in the same scene. Unlike conventional privacy masks, these can each be programmed with three, four, or even five corners to cover more complex shapes. As the camera is zoomed each mask changes size smoothly and quickly ensuring that the covered object cannot be seen. You also have a choice of black, white, and blurred characteristics. The blurred option comes in handy when privacy is an issue, but determining the presence of motion is still required.

Rugged reliability

A heavy-duty, tamper-resistant aluminum housing and rugged polycarbonate bubble protect the camera from vandalism and theft, ensuring the AutoDome Easy II continues to deliver critical images even in the toughest environments.

As with all Bosch products, the AutoDome Easy II has been subjected to the industry’s most comprehensive and demanding battery of endurance tests such as HALT (highly accelerated life testing) to make sure it will hold up through years of use. And of course, it comes with Bosch’s industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Ease of installation and servicing

The AutoDome Easy II has been designed for quick and easy installation; a key feature from Bosch CCTV products. The dome comes fully assembled and ready for surface mount applications. Also available are wall, recessed, and pipe mounting kits which allow the AutoDome Easy II to be easily adapted for the individual site requirements. Available in white or charcoal.

An intuitive set-up menu structure and multiple language support make dome configuration quick and easy. Supported on-screen display menu languages include: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, and Dutch.


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