BOSCH LTC 0498/51 Dinion 2X Day/Night Camera 540TVL w/o Lens

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BOSCH LTC 0498/51 Dinion 2X Day/Night Camera 540TVL w/o Lens

u 20-bit Image Processing Technology
u CCD sensor with Wide Dynamic Range
u Dynamic engine with Smart BLC
u Detail enhancement
u True Day/Night performance with switchable filterDetail in Extreme Lighting

In harsh lighting, the difference between the brightest and the darkest parts of a scene can be extreme. To produce a clear picture in these conditions, the CCD sensor in the Dinion2X generates two images; one long exposure to resolve details in the scene’s darkest areas, and one short exposure to resolve details in the scene’s brightest areas. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) of the Dinion2X combines these dual shutter images, mixing pixels from each exposure to produce the most detailed image possible.

20-bit Image Processing

The highly accurate digital signal processing optimally captures the detail in both bright highlights and deep shadows simultaneously. By combining 20-bit image processing and wide dynamic range, the Dinion2X maximizes the information visible in the picture even with strong backlighting.

2 | LTC 0498 Series Dinion2X Day/Night Camera

Wide Dynamic Range

The superior wide dynamic range handling for all lighting conditions reveals details previously unseen.

2X-Dynamic and SmartBLC

Using 2X-Dynamic technology, pixel-by-pixel analysis provides the user with the most detailed information. Turn on SmartBLC to automatically compensate the image without the need for complicated set-up or without compromising dynamic range.

Detail Enhancement

Features such as Autoblack and Sharpness further improve the details in a scene, pixel by pixel.

Day/Night Mode

The day/night mode provides enhanced night viewing by increasing the IR sensitivity. The IR filter can switch from color to monochrome automatically by either sensing the illumination level or via the alarm input. The filter can be switched manually via the alarm input, through the camera menu or via the Bilinx coaxial control interface. An internal through-the-lens IR detector enhances the monochrome mode stability, as it prevents reverting to the color mode when IR illumination is dominant. IR contrast is also measured and used to handle reflected IR light in outdoor scenes.

Privacy masking

Four different privacy zones allow specific parts of a scene to be blocked. Pre-program any part of the scene to be masked.

Default Shutter

The default shutter speed captures fast moving objects when sufficient light is available. When light levels fall and other adjustments have been exhausted, the shutter speed reverts to a standard setting to maintain sensitivity.

Bilinx Technology

Bilinx is a bidirectional communication capability embedded in the video signal of all Bosch Dinion cameras. Technicians can check status, change camera settings and even update firmware from virtually anywhere along the video cable. Bilinx reduces service and installation time, provides for more accurate set- up and adjustment, and improves overall performance. In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to transmit alarm and status messages, providing superior performance without additional installation steps.

Lens Wizard

The Lens Wizard automatically detects the lens type and helps focus the lens at the maximum opening to ensure proper focus is maintained throughout the 24- hour cycle. No special tools or filters are required.

Ease of installation

Several features are available that make installation easy:

• Power and alarm connections have cable connectors which can be removed even when the camera is mounted.

• A built-in test pattern generator produces signals to test and fault-find cables.

• A multi-language On-Screen Display (OSD) increases user compatibility.

Programmable Modes

Six independent, pre-programmed operating modes support typical applications, but are fully programmable for individual situations. Switching between modes is easy via Bilinx or the external alarm input.

High efficiency

A high efficiency power supply improves maximum operating temperature.

Video Motion Detection

The built-in video motion detector allows you to select a programmable area with individual thresholds. The global scene change detector minimizes false alarms caused by sudden lighting condition changes, such as switching on or off the indoor or security lighting. When motion is detected, alarms can be displayed in the video signal, the output relay can be closed or an alarm message can be transmitted via Bilinx.

SensUp Dynamic

By increasing the integration time up to 10 times on the CCD, the effective sensitivity is dramatically enhanced. This is especially useful when relying only on moonlight for illumination.

Typical applications:

• •

• • •

Entrance foyer or lobby with glare Outdoor perimeters

  • –  low light

  • –  IR light Traffic monitoring

    • –  highway

    • –  traffic intersections

    • –  emergency response coordination

      Car parks (outdoor)
      Restricted access locations such as:

    • –  prisons

    • –  ports / freight terminals

    • –  military facilities

    • –  border control and homeland security

      Casino and gambling centers. 

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